Clear Braces – Types, Variations, and How To Take Care Of Them

Updated: 30 Oct 23


Clear Braces

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Clear braces are the least noticeable and discreet choice for people who are not very fond of their look with braces. You can find them hidden, and it requires a solid stare to look at. They work the same as traditional ones and help patients equally with teeth alignment.

Clear braces are not any different than traditional ones. The only difference is they are made up of material similar to your tooth. This makes it blend effortlessly with the natural tint of your teeth.

This article will give you all you need to know about clear braces. From types to variations and How you can make them last longer with the proper cleanliness. Keep reading to have a complete insight.

Clear braces – The choice Of adults

If you missed your braces treatment at a younger age and the idea of it is not pleasing at all. You worry about your appearance, your professional life, and how people judge you. Don’t worry we have all your answers.

Clear braces are most popular amongst adults and teenagers because of their appearance. Introverts, shy, unconfident people, can go for them without worrying about people making fun of them.

Why do you go for braces treatment as an adult? Well, the main reason is that unevenly crooked teeth make you uneasy and force you to hide your smile in public.

Brace treatment gives you confidence and encourages you to stand out freely in public. Moreover, they are suitable for oral health and decrease the chances of TMJ. You will be more likely to have fewer dentist appointments in the elderly age.

Metal vs. clear braces 

Braces are a dental procedure where metal braces are used to straighten your teeth. As the time passes, there are variations in this treatment. A lot of different types of braces are introduced to promote oral health and choose at your convenience.

The structure of clear braces is the same, having brackets and wires. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your orthodontist and have deep information before going for one because every patient and every case is different.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Clear Braces

Let us see those advantages and disadvantages in detail.


  1. It’s far, way less noticeable.
  2. They are less visible than traditional ones.
  3. They are less painful.
  4. The clear ones are likely to be harmless to gums and cheeks.
  5. It is more expensive than metal ones but more affordable than others, such as Invisalign.


  1. They have big brackets.
  2. They are more extensive and challenging to clean.
  3. They are easily breakable.
  4. The procedure takes longer with clear braces.
  5. The attached elastic ties need to be more durable and discolored quickly.

Damon clear braces 

Clear Braces Colors

Damon braces come in both metal and clear brackets. The Damon clear braces are ultra discreet. People will not have an idea that you are wearing them.

Clear braces have visible metal wires and elastic ties that can eventually turn yellow after some time. Damon braces are entirely invisible. They are stain-proof and don’t use adjustable ties, giving you an aesthetic look.

Clear braces band colors 

Different situations require different measures. The good news is that you can not choose any band color for your clear braces and go with transparent and white ones.

But if you want to be playful with your teeth and go for a particular look for a change, you can choose colored ones, too. 

For instance, if you want to go for red and green bands for Christmas or orange for Halloween, you are not restricted to clear ones. You can choose any color and be yourself.

Clear braces vs. Invisalign 

Metal braces and clear braces are attached with wires and brackets that keep them in place and hold them fixed in the mouth. 

Invisalign, on the other hand, is removable. You can remove them and place them back in at your convenience. 

You can easily detach them when you want to eat or clean them by removing them from your hands, brushing your teeth, and wearing them again.

Furthermore, clear braces serve the severe crooked teeth in teens and adults. Invisalign are clear aligners that are not visible and quite comfortable.

Why are clear braces used?

Clear braces are used to treat these issues respectively.

  1. They treat Malocclusion and help to align your bite.
  2. They fix your overbites and underbites.
  3. They make your crossbites (upper teeth case sits on the lower teeth) proper with the jaw’s alignment.
  4. They treat open bites (both upper and lower teeth case overlap)
  5. They are great for crowding, gaps, and spaces.

In addition to these malfunctions, they are best for your overall oral health, and by feeling good and looking good, you operate confidently in your daily life.

Taking Care

Clear braces tend to pick stains as compared to metal braces. To avoid staining, you must avoid specific food colors, such as blue frosting, turmeric, or red wine.

Tea and coffee can also stain them over time. For maintenance, brush your teeth daily with prescribed toothpaste and floss to avoid plaque and tarter.

End Of The Line

Young children and teenagers love colors. Colors make them happy, attractive, and fun. With adults, there are limited options available with colors. Keeping in mind how adults like neutral colors, there are a few subtle and sober choices present.

Clear braces can be a perfect choice for adults. Stop stressing over your look with braces and go for the clear ones to shine and smile.


How much are clear braces?

Here are the prices of all kinds of braces: Clear braces can cost you around 850 to 8000 dollars, and Metal braces are up to 3,000 to 7,000. Ceramic ones are 4,000 to 8,000 dollars, and Lingual braces can be around 8,000 to 10,000.

Please check with your orthodontist for prices, as they vary from vendor to vendor.

Do clear braces take longer to treat?

On average, Clear braces take a longer time to treat as compared to metal ones. Clear/ceramic braces take 12 to 36 months. Metal braces are around 20 months old. However, it depends upon the severity of the case and the treatment requirement.

Are clear braces better?

Clear braces are a better choice for those up for a discreet look. As they are less visible, it can be a good option for adults.

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