Metal Braces: Should you go for them?

Updated: 31 Dec 23


Metal Braces

Metal braces offer a complete solution for various teeth-related concerns, including misalignment, cracks, and gaps. They work to straighten and align your teeth, resulting in an improved and brighter smile. In this discussion, we’ll explore the nature of metal braces, and their limitations, compare clear braces to metal ones, and determine which might be the optimal choice for enhancing your smile.

Which Braces to choose

Choosing the best one, between metal braces and clear braces could be a problem but we are here to solve all of your problems. We will discuss the difference between metal braces and clear braces and which one is the best choice for your teeth.

Metal Braces orthodontics 

Metal braces orthodontics are the materials commonly used to straighten and align your teeth. Traditional metal braces are made up of simple metal or stainless steel.

Metal braces for a long time have been the best option due to their effectiveness and affordability.

Braces with bands and wires are being used for the whole orthodontics process and help fill the gaps in your teeth.

Components of Braces

  1. Brackets:
  • They are made up of Stainless steel.
  • These are small metal pieces that are bonded to each tooth. It helps in keeping the teeth packed tightly.
  1. Wires: 
  • Wires are also made up of Stainless steel.
  • These braces are connected with the braces.

      3. Ligatures:

  • They are elastic bands or wires, often made of rubber or metal.
  • They come in various colors and are changed during adjustments.

Pros and Cons of Metal Braces

As everything has its pros and drawbacks, metal braces also have their benefits and disadvantages. 

Pros of Metal Braces:

Pros and Cons of Metal Braces
  • Metal braces orthodontics are extremely durable and are more reliable and efficient.
  • Metal braces are still efficient due to their affordability. They are cheaper than other braces.
  • They are the most reliable and comfy choice for a brighter smile.
  • They often show quick results to your gapped teeth.
  • They are the most affordable metal braces you can have.
  • Healthy Teeth and a brighter smile.

Cons of Metal Braces:

Cons of Metal Braces:
  • They may appear a bad choice for many people, because of their looks.
  • These braces do have a drawback that they cause a lot of pain. When braces are getting tightened they apply pressure on teeth that may result in discomfort.
  • Metal braces orthodontics also cause discomfort to your lips, mouth,, and tongue.
  • Oral hygiene may also become difficult because of food particles that get stuck on braces and wires.
  • During the whole process, hard foods are advised to be avoided for the protection of braces.

So using metal braces can be a big challenging process. One should use these and must keep all the pros and cons of metal braces. As they also need regular adjustments and have a longer treatment time, these all may result in fatigue.

Metal Braces orthodontics 

Metal Braces with bands:

Metal braces also come with some bands, the bands are usually rubber or elastic bands that apply extra force to your teeth and tighten the braces. They are used in some special cases such as for misaligned jaws. 

They come in different sizes and shapes depending on their usage. They can be latex or synthetic. Latex bands are more reliable and efficient. Synthetic bands are used by those who are allergic to latex bands.

Clear or Metal Braces:

Fed up with these outdated metal braces? You do have another choice. 

Clear Braces are almost similar to traditional metal braces but their plus point is that they are less noticeable and are less painful. 

They are a discreet orthodontics option for most of the adults and teenagers. 

Clear braces take longer to straighten your teeth with clear braces as they are not too strong just as metal braces.

Why Clear Braces are used

Clear braces are used for the following problems,

  • Gaps or spaces.
  • Overlapping.
  • Open bites
  • Crossbites
  • Overbites.
  • Underbites.

In addition to these, it also improves your self-esteem and boosts your confidence. 

The benefit of Clear Braces 

  • Clear braces are less noticeable than the other. This is one of the main reasons why some people choose clear ceramic braces.
  • They are made up of durable material that can withstand the forces during orthodontics operations.
  • They also are more comfortable for your teeth, lips, and cheeks. 
  • It doesn’t have any food restrictions. 

Are Clear Braces Expensive 

Clear braces are usually more expensive than traditional metal braces because of the materials used. This also depends on the location and the orthodontist’s fees. So they cost more than metal braces.

How to clean your teeth with clear braces

Oral hygiene is always important for the health of your teeth so consider following all these mentioned instructions. 

  • Brush two to three times a day to avoid germs.
  • Floss between your teeth once a day or talk to your dentist.
  • Avoid dark-colored foods and drinks including rice, peas, etc.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for cleaning purposes. 

But once your braces are removed, consider booking your treatment to remove stains and improve the color of your teeth.


As a conclusion, metal braces may be a good choice to straighten your teeth. Whether to make your smile wider and teeth look brighter use these braces.

If you still need clarification on metal and clear braces, give them a try!


  1. How much time do metal braces take?

The estimated time of metal braces is almost 6 months and 2 years. But it mostly depends on the orthodontics treatment. 

  1. Should I try clear braces?

Clear Braces is a good choice if you are looking for something invisible. These braces are almost invisible. And if you are self-conscious about how metal braces look, you definitely should go for clear braces.

  1. Are metal braces still in use or are they now outdated?

Metal Braces orthodontics is still one of the most convenient treatments used by many people due to its versatility and affordability. By the way, it’s a good choice.

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Jamal Hussain

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