Navy Blue Braces – A Decent Color Choice

Updated: 15 Jan 24


Navy Blue Braces

Maryam Khalid

Navy blue is a unique, classic color that never goes out of fashion. It is an evergreen color and a go-to choice for everyone. Talking about navy blue braces, this dark shade of blue looks sophisticated and gives subtle vibes.

The good thing about this color is that it matches your wardrobe quite well. As the dark shade complements nearly all dark colors, if you cannot think of any good change you want to bring to your braces, you can go for navy blue, undoubtedly.

In this article, you will see how this color turns out on different skin tones and appears with different colors. Let us see it in detail.

Navy blue braces on white teeth are an ultimate color combo. The lightest shade with the darkest hue of blue. This eye-catching color draws attention instantly to your mouth, but it is equally necessary to take care of your oral hygiene so that your teeth don’t appear yellow.

Dark navy blue braces 

There is no such thing as dark navy blue braces. Navy blue itself is the darkest shade of blue, and it doesn’t go beyond that. The one shade lighter than navy blue is royal blue, which is more of a vibrant shade of blue.

The other dark shades are peacock, spruce, and berry.

Light Navy Blue Braces

Light Navy Blue Braces

Navy blue is a solid color, but if you make it light, it won’t really stay navy blue. The light navy blue will give a hint of royal blue. If you want light or medium shades of blue and are uncomfortable with dark shades, you can go for admiral, denim, cobalt, etc.

Let us see each skin tone individually and how different skin colors can complement this beautiful color.

Dark skin has a gorgeous glow that other skin tones lack. If you are dark-skinned, your smile is already the most beautiful accessory ever. Imagine navy blue braces on bright white teeth on the glowy-dark skin. The best!

The beauty of light skin is that it carries almost all colors. If you are light-skinned, ensure that navy blue braces don’t appear too dark according to your complexion. Because sometimes it will give the impact of something stuck between your teeth and kind of look gross.

The only drawback of carrying a dark braces color is that it can make your teeth look messy. As they grasp attention instantly, make sure that you clean them regularly. Moreover, wearing any color confidently is the key to the ultimate look.

Pairing your navy blue braces with the same colored power chain is not a good idea at all. It will make your smile dull. If your orthodontist recommends a power chain, go for a light color with navy blue braces to complete the look.

Same as the power chain, navy blue brace bands are equally exact. It will make your smile bland and look dark. If you have navy blue braces on, go for a light-colored band with it, and if you are wearing light-colored braces, pair them with navy bands.


Brace colors depend on one’s preference, and most importantly, the color that makes you feel confident is the right color for you. If you feel that navy blue braces are something that you can carry easily and flaunt, matching your style, you should definitely give it a try.

I hope this piece helps you choose the next color for your braces. Do not hesitate and shine like a star!

Is navy blue a good color for braces?

Yes, navy blue is a perfect color for braces as it spreads calmness and serenity. Its cool undertone makes it versatile and feels better to the eyes. If you think that it matches your style, you should surely try this color on your next visit.

Can I customize the shade of navy blue for my braces?

Customization depends on the availability and what your orthodontist offers. Please check with your orthodontist and consult before the customization. Moreover, you can also check out online platforms that offer custom color options.

Do navy blue braces make your teeth look white?

Navy blue braces and their ability to make your teeth look whiter depends on how serious and responsible you are with regular brushing, flossing, and regular hygiene trips to the doctor’s office. If you take care of them, they will make your teeth look whiter.

Jamal Hussain

Jamal Hussain

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