Ceramic Braces VS Metal Braces

Updated: 04 Jan 24


Ceramic Vs Metal Braces

Maryam Khalid

Ceramic braces are more discreet as compared to metal braces. Teeth are susceptible, and the choice between the braces must be wise. Think a million times before choosing the type of braces. For that purpose, you are at the right place to understand and get the perfect braces for yourself.

We will go through two types of brackets: ceramic braces and metal braces. Metal braces are traditional braces that are made of metal and are an evergreen choice. Others are ceramic braces, as effective as metal ones, but are a bit heavy on the pocket.

In this article, we are highlighting their cost, benefits, and drawbacks to make your braces decision easier. Let’s explore these two commonly used brackets, get a valuable overview, and see which wins the fight between ceramic and metal braces.

The Ceramic Braces VS Metal Braces Cost

The most significant difference between these braces is the price. If we see the price of a ceramic brace usually starts from $2,999 and goes up to $6,999, which is far more expensive than metal ones, whereas the price of metal ones starts from $1,699+ and goes up to $5,999.

This makes metal brackets more reasonable and the best option for everyone, but there are some benefits of ceramic brackets as well, which can justify their price.

Ceramic VS Metal Braces Pros and Cons

You cannot decide once you haven’t jotted down the pros and cons list. Let’s see their advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Ceramic Braces


  • Ceramic braces are discreet and nearly invisible to the naked eye.
  • They are very comfortable. You won’t feel that you are wearing them, and they won’t hurt your cheeks and gums. 


  • They cost you more money.
  • They are delicate and sensitive. Ensure to use them carefully

Metal Braces


  • Metal braces are budget-friendly, affordable, and always a go-to option.
  • They are more durable, rough, and challenging and can easily bear little scratches without getting damaged.


  • The metal braces and wires are not discreet they are noticeable and draw attention to your mouth.
  • You may find metal braces less comfortable and require time to get used to them.

Which One Is Better? 

Ceramic vs Metal braces

Both do the same job. We cannot rank anyone over others. If you are conscious about your looks or have tried metal braces but realize they are not your thing, you can go for ceramic ones.

And if you don’t mind flaunting your smile with metal wires and cool colors, go for metal braces.

Whatever you decide to get, in the end,  both braces will work the same and serve the same purpose.


Going for any type of braces totally depends on your needs. For example, for kids, you won’t be spending an immense amount risking ceramic braces as they are very delicate. But yes, an adult, and especially someone in the corporate world, will go for ceramic ones.

The choice is yours and depends on your affordability and your personality. The fight between ceramic vs. metal braces requires fewer details. Preference and need is the ultimate thing.


Why do ceramic braces cost more than metal braces?

Ceramic braces cost more because they are kind of like chameleons and mix with the color of your teeth. This nifty feature makes them less visible but costly compared to other braces.

Do ceramic braces stain or change color over time?

The answer is no, as the ceramic braces are designed to resist staining and stay the same color throughout your treatment. 

Are there food restrictions with ceramic braces?

Not really, but it is good to be careful. Ceramic braces can handle most foods, but avoiding super crunchy or sticky stuff is best as it will make your braces last long.

Can I remove ceramic or metal braces on my own?

Nope, better not try that to remove braces on your own, as removing braces requires professional help. Trying to do it yourself might lead to problems, and teeth are very sensitive to do any experiment on.

Jamal Hussain

Jamal Hussain

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