All You Need To Know About Ligatures And Inter-arch Band Colors For Braces

Updated: 01 Jul 23


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“Band colors for braces sometimes need a little splash of colors.” Teeth are the first thing anyone notices about you, so The more you try new colors for your braces and bands, the more you discover your look.

There are so many ways by which you can decide on a new color for your braces, read more on Color Wheel. Let us talk about the bands that are used in your dental treatment.

Two kinds of dental bands are used in this treatment. One is ligatures, and the other one is inter-arch bands. This article will tell you about their functionality, material, and band colors for braces.

How Ligatures play a role in Band Colors For Braces

Ligatures are also known as o-rings. These tiny circle bands are placed on individual metal brackets. They basically help in holding the Archwire in its place.

As important as Archwire is, these bands play an important role. Ligatures are available in so many color options. You can ask your orthodontist as well as order them online.

Ligatures can be tied with different methods depending on the need. Some examples are Double 8, Double 0, X, Regular, and Infinity.

Your orthodontist will use a special tool to remove and fix these tiny bands.

Inter-arch Bands

Inter-arch bands are also known as inter-arch elastics. These bands will look like regular rubber ties present in a regular household.

These bands are placed on the sides of the mouth and are helpful in the alignment of your upper and lower jaws. A small variety of colors are available in inter-arch bands, but you can still consult your orthodontist.

These rubber ties can be fixed and removed at home because they interrupt eating and brushing. Your ortho will give you complete guidance about it.

Over time you need to learn how to deal with them because messing with them can damage your Archwire.

Material Of Braces Bands

Are you wondering what these bands are made up of? Well, two types of material are available: metal bands and elastic bands. 

Metal bands are very thin stainless steel ligatures that tie the Archwire to the brackets. At the same time, elastic ones are made of rubber used to hold the Archwire in its place.

Color Of Braces Bands

Band Colors For Braces
Braces Bands Colors

Now that you know about the functionality of these bands let us see the most common color options, which are easily available and look very attractive.

Non Visible or Clear

Non-visible or clear bands draw the least attention to your mouth as they blend with the natural color of your teeth. People who need more confidence in their appearance and those in old age can go for these colors.

Metallic Tones: Luxury Braces Band Colors

Colors of all metals will give you a luxurious appearance. Silver, Grey, Gold, and Copper are a few examples.

Silver and grey bands will match the metal brackets, giving you a sleek look.

Bold and Bright Bands Colors For Braces

“Bold and Beautiful” is often used because bright colors can never go wrong. They instantly lift your mood and make your smile pop.

Some of the most popular vibrant colors are Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Purple. To read their significance individually, have a look at this article.

Pastel Hues

Pastel hues are soft colors that look elegant yet stylish. Baby pink, peach,  lavender, ice blue and mint green are a few examples.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are the options that can barely mess up your smile. They blend with your skin tone easily and give you a self-assured look. Black, beige and shades of brown are a few examples.


Young kids and teenagers go for this option for a fun look. These bands can pop your smile even in the dark. The most popular glow-in-the-dark colors are Neon Green, Yellow, and Neon Pink.

How To Take Care Of Your Braces Bands?

As ligatures cannot be removed at home, proper hygiene is essential. Brushing after every meal and regular floss will help them last longer.

Inter-arch bands are removable. It is important to remove them before having a meal. Take care of proper oral health and wear them again after eating.

End Of The Line

Ligatures and inter-arch bands play a vital role in your braces treatment and can be a fuss and pain, but the results are worth the disturbance.

Trying different band colors for braces can divert the attention from pain to fun and make this journey exciting.


  1. Does everyone need braces bands?

No! It purely depends upon person to person and their needs.

2. Can I double up my bands?

Never! Even if you have skipped wearing them for a day or two. It will be difficult to move the jaws hence slow progress.

3. What color braces bands make teeth look whiter?

Braces band colors cannot make your teeth whiter. However, dark colors can help to make them look white and bright.

4. What color bands are best for braces?

Colors complimenting your skin tone are the best color for your braces bands.

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