Teal braces – A Stylish Accessory

Updated: 25 Dec 23


Teal Braces

Maryam Khalid

Teal braces are categorized as one of the prettiest shades of blue. Blue braces are the most common color and are mostly the favorite color of most people. If you want to have a deep insight into teal braces, you are at the right place.

Teal braces have a very charming and tremendous impact. This color has a different vibe with an instant quality that soothes the soul. It looks attractive to the eyes and conveys open thought and clarity.

If you say that teal belongs to the family of blue, why does it have a hint of green? Well, teal blue is named after the teal bird, which is green and blue in color. So, you are not wrong if you say it is a mixture of blue and green.

Teal braces color – A Must-Have Choice

Teal braces look gorgeous on every age group and are gender friendly. No matter what color you wear and what your skin tone is. This color has some unique properties that it complements easily and quickly. Let us see it in detail.

Teal Braces On Different Skin Tones

Teal Breaces Color

If you wonder how it appears on different skin tones, let us see them individually so you have a better idea before going for one.

Teal braces on dark skin

The teal looks fantastic on dark skin. It lifts the features and makes your smile look prominent and beautiful. If you are dark-skinned, don’t give it a second thought and order them for your following visit color change.

Teal braces on light-skin

The relationship between light skin and different colors is quite strong. Most of the colors complement light skin tones on the go. So, if you are light-skinned, you don’t have to worry much because teal looks great on this skin tone. 

Teal braces on medium-skin

The quality of teal is that it suits every skin tone, but yes, if you have a warm undertone with a hint of gold, you won’t be able to carry this color easily because it is an entirely cool undertone. We suggest seeing an online virtual color check before going for this color.

Teal Braces With Other Color Combos

For braces, many people prefer two to three colors that go along. Sometimes, they mix and match and contrast; other times, they pair them with different color power chains and brace bands.

Pink and teal braces 

Pink and blue have been forever partners since forever. This color combo can never go out. From clothes to shoes or different accessories, it is a great color combo to go for. If you want to contrast your teal braces with pink, do so immediately.

Teal looks amazing with baby and light shades of pink. Avoid darker shades of pink for the ultimate look.

Purple and teal braces 

Just like pink, purple also looks cool with teal. Have you ever looked at a mermaid? Teal and purple are the prominent colors of a mermaid’s tail and look mesmerizing to the eyes together. Furthermore, go for light shades of purple for a subtle yet fantastic appearance.

Black and teal braces

Black and teal braces are quite famous; this color combination is popular among teenagers and elders. Black is a universal color that often adds beauty to the companion color. If you are a black color lover and equally love teal, they can never be wrong together.

Teal braces power chain and bands

Just like teal braces, power chains, and bands also look very nice. If you are unsure, you can always ask your orthodontist and look up on the internet to see how they will turn out for you. 

There are millions of pictures of teal braces available online; just see your skin tone and know how it will appear on you. Simple!


Which color is best for you can always depend on how you carry it and how it matches your style. You will carry it if you think you can pull off a particular color easily. Confidence changes the game.

I hope this article clears your views regarding teal braces and you are now sure whether they are meant to be for you.


Is teal a good braces color?

Teal is a good color for braces and looks fashionable and chic. Just make sure that you are confident enough to carry one, and oral hygiene is a must. Regular orthodontist checkups, brushing, and flossing make them look more beautiful.

What stains teal braces?

Many foods have an intense color present, which may harm your teal braces. Tea, coffee, red wine, turmeric, etc. Sometimes, these stains can be washed off by brushing your teeth, but ensure they are not entirely ruined.

What is the prettiest color for braces?

The prettiest color is the one that matches your vibe. Each person has a personality and charisma of their own. So, if you feel pretty in any specific color, that is your color.

Jamal Hussain

Jamal Hussain

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