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Updated: 10 Dec 23


lilac braces

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Lilac braces are a sleek choice. They look subtle and radiant on teeth. The natural tint of teeth makes them appear beautiful on your smile. So, if you want to know everything about it, you are at the right place.

Lilac color is derived from lilac flowers. There are two types of lilacs; one is white lilac, and the other is purple lilac. So this beautiful shade of purple is known as a lilac color. It symbolizes spirituality and love.

The Lilac flower represents love. In the language of flowers, it spreads the first emotion of love. A color with a beautiful message is already one of one’s favorites. Keep reading to learn more about lilac braces.

Lilac braces – Family of purple 

Lilac belongs to the family of purple. It has hues of blue that make it unique and beautiful. Cool tones of blues accompanying a dazzling touch of purple are the uniqueness everyone is looking for.

Lilac braces are famous among all age groups but are found to be little girls’ and teenage girls’ things. It is a popular color choice in demand and will run out soon. Make sure to talk to your orthodontist about the availability before your appointment.

Lilac Braces On Different Skin Tones 

Let us see lilac braces on different skin tones so that you can clearly relate them to your appearance.

Lilac braces on dark skin

Lilac braces look ravishing on dark skin. Especially if you are a cool undertone, you can pull off all cool undertones quite well. You can go for bringal purple instead of lilac for dark skin with warm undertones.

Lilac braces on light-skin

Lilac braces can be a go-to option for light skin. This color goes really well with this skin tone, and when in doubt, you can instantly choose lilac not only for your braces but also for your other wardrobe.

Some people like to accessorize matching to their braces’ color, so the pro tip is to match them with your lenses or glasses, or you can wear a pair of matching earrings, too.

Lilac braces on medium skin

Medium skin with yellow undertones can not carry lilac braces. The warm undertone and cool undertone will contradict each other and dull your appearance. 

Lilac braces with different colors 

lilac braces color

Let us see different colors with lilac braces in detail so that you have a clear idea of how to wear them and style them with power chains and braces bands.

Lilac and teal braces 

Lilac and teal are already a trendy color combination. There are so many shades of lilac available. You must check with your orthodontist before going for one. There are subtle shades and bright hues of lilac, such as bright lilac, lilac blush, rich lilac, and western lilac. 

Moreover, on the subtle side are Wisteria, pale lilac, light lilac, lilac Dream, and icy lilac. Just like lilac, teal also has different shades, so combining them can only work if you look at the shades closely.

Lilac and white

Like lilac and teal, lilac and white is an ultimate favorite. The good thing is that the natural teeth tint is white, so when you wear lilac braces, it instantly lifts your smile and makes your features look sharp and beautiful.

Lilac and Gray

The other most common and in-demand combination of lilac colors is lilac and grey. These colors can never go wrong together, whether it is dark grey, light grey, or subtle grey; all shades of grey lilac work beautifully, so if you want to go for lilac braces, go for grey power, chain, and power bands to complete the look.

Lilac braces bands and power chain

End Of The Line

Every color is beautiful and conveys a message. Talking about lilac, It spreads love, so you can never go wrong with braces. Moreover, it depends upon your style and preference for which color you feel confident. Always go for the colors that suit you, already in your wardrobe.

 I hope this article clears all your thoughts and concerns about lilac braces.


Let us see the most asked questions related to lilac braces.

Is lilac a good color for braces?

Lilac is a good color for braces for girls. It is already popular among young girls and teenagers, but you will see some boys carrying lilac braces beautifully.

What is the most attractive braces color?

The most attractive braces color is the one that suits you the best and makes you look amazing. The color that you feel confident in is the ultimate attractive braces color.

Do lilac braces stain?

Lilac braces are prone to stain only if you consume solid food colors. Red wine, turmeric, and food colors can ruin your braces color. Make sure to avoid foods that can harm your expensive treatment.

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Jamal Hussain

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