How Do You Fix an Overbite? – A Comprehensive Overview

Updated: 10 May 24


How Do You Fix an Overbite

How do you fix an overbite? Well, it depends on the severity of the condition. Multiple treatment plans are available for an overbite. Moreover, treatment depends on the cause of the overbite.

In most cases, genetics determine the development of your teeth and jaws and how they fit together. If this issue is spotted earlier, an orthodontist can regulate a child’s jaw and teeth as they form, reducing lateral deformations.

You may also develop an overbite later in life, even if you had it treated earlier in childhood. Your overbite may reappear. The good news is that various treatments, including orthodontics and oral surgery, can permanently defeat an overbite.

Common orthodontic treatments include braces, clear aligners, and retainers. The surgery includes an orthognathic surgery, which is a long and time-consuming procedure yet beneficial to improve your bite, facial structure, and breakdown of teeth.

How Do You Fix an Overbite Without Braces?

Imagine fixing an overbite without using traditional braces, and you can’t find options right! It is achievable to fix an overbite without traditional braces that lead to discomfort associated with pain.

The world is full of choices that vary from person to person. One opts for bizarre metallic braces when fixing an overbite to achieve aesthetic benefits beyond all the aches and pains. However, those who value visual appeal more opt for alternatives.

Invisalign- An Invisible Alternative

Overbite conditions with milder deformations can opt for these invisible aligners, which include a series of custom-made aligners that periodically work proficiently and bring the teeth back to a better position, removing all the deformations. 

Invisalign is considered more convenient than braces since they are removable and require extra care while being handled.

They should be promptly cleaned and removed before meals, and the user should regularly visit an orthodontist to check for progress.

Palatal Expanders 

These expanders help to widen the upper jaw, eventually helping to fix an overbite by bringing the haw to an appropriate position and giving enough room for the teeth to align properly.  


They may also be helpful in fixing an overbite by shifting teeth to a more ideal position. Retainers are typically used after braces, but in milder overbite cases, they can be a good option.

Functional Appliances

These include the Herbst or Forsus appliances, which works to bring the jaw gap to an ideal position, resulting in easy tooth alignment.

Orthognathic Surgery

In case of severe overbites due to skeletal misalignments, surgery is required. 

Surgery involves properly aligning your jaw so that your teeth do not overlap excessively. Dentists usually recommend other orthodontic treatments along with surgery.

Severe overbites may cause gum pain and damage if not treated timely. Your upper teeth may affect your lower gums, and the constant pressure of your upper teeth on your gums might recede them. 

Your lower teeth may also bite into the roof of your mouth, causing pain. If your overbite makes brushing and flossing your teeth properly hard, your risk of gum disease and tooth decay increases.

How Do You Fix an Overbite With Braces?

Are you considering braces to correct an overbite? Your choice is right, and you would be amazed to know that fixing an overbite is not a standalone benefit. 

Still, it addresses all the underlying issues by correcting your bite, improving your oral hygiene, making your speech more eloquent and clear, and getting your beautiful smile back.

Braces are used to correct mild overbites by applying pressure to align the teeth properly. 

When attached between the upper and lower teeth, rubber bands gradually pull back the top teeth while the bottom teeth are moved forward over time, slowly aligning them into the correct position.

How Do You Fix an Overbite in Adults?

For adults, complications from overbites often arise from a lack of early diagnosis. When seeking treatment, the orthodontist conducts a detailed examination followed by X-rays to rule out the type and severity of the overbite and the alignment of your jaw and teeth. 

Based on this assessment, the orthodontist develops a treatment plan that could last two years or more, depending on the case’s complexity. Various overbite correction methods are available for adults, that include:

  • Braces: These are commonly used to adjust the teeth, contributing to the overbite.
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners: Similar to braces, these clear aligners can effectively move teeth to correct an overbite.
  • Surgery: For more severe skeletal overbites and related jaw issues, orthodontic surgery might be recommended.

These treatment options aim to provide lasting solutions and improve oral health.


Can you correct an overbite on your own?

No, you can’t fix an overbite on your own. You need to take some orthodontic treatments as prescribed by your dentist. However, you prevent some cases of overbite by avoiding childhood habits like thumb-sucking.

Is an overbite natural?

Yes, everyone has a natural overbite, which makes chewing convenient. However, the degree of overbite can be mild or severe, causing trouble. It must be fixed, leading to many other oral problems. 

How do you improve an overbite naturally?

You cannot fix an overbite naturally. You need to seek an expert’s advice and start with a braces treatment or go for surgery.

Is an overbite hereditary?

An overbite is generally inherited. Your parents or siblings may look similar to yours, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, your childhood habits may also result in an overbite. 


Summarizing the ways to fix an overbite and straighten teeth to achieve a smile and bite like never before, braces are a highly effective treatment option that gives promising results. 

You must acknowledge the benefits an orthodontic treatment holds regardless of whether you choose the traditional metal braces, Invisalign, or go for an orthognathic surgery.  

We hope the information above has given you complete insight regarding how do you fix an overbite.

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