Choosing the Right Green Braces Color

Updated: 10 Sep 23


Maryam Khalid

Are you under the braces treatment for a while and have tried a bunch of colors, and now your mind is saying to go for Green braces? You are wondering how they will turn out for you and is a good option to try.

green braces

Green is the color of nature. This color gives a cool vibe and a relaxing feeling. On top of that, it can look beautiful on your smile, depending on your appearance and style. There are so many shades of green available. Make sure to pick one that suits you more.

In this article, you will see how green color can be a good choice according to your skin color and looks. Or you shouldn’t go for this color as it will not match your skin tone. Let’s see the green braces color in detail.

Green braces color on teeth

Green braces look ravishing and give you an aesthetic look. It enhances your personality and boosts your happy mood, just like when you see nature. This eye-catching color can refresh your mind, and it looks amazing on teeth.

Each color appears differently on different skin tones. The one that matches your warmth and compliments your skin tone is right for you. Besides this, colors can lift your facial features and give a beautiful touch to your smile.

Green Braces Color On Different Skin Tones

Let us see each skin tone individually and compare how green braces suit different skin tones.

Green braces on light-skin

Light skin is the universal skin tone that carries most of the colors really well. Talking about green braces looks alluring and gives a charm to your smile. My most favorite that is also gender-neutral is Mint Green. 

Mint Green and all the light hues of green look attractive on light skin. Grapes or Apple green is also an elegant option for light-skinned people.

Green braces on Dark Skin

As dark skin caters to dark and bright colors, all dark shades of green can be a good option for dark-skinned people. Bold hues such as Army green and Castleton green look dazzling and lift your mood instantly.

Green braces on brown skin

Green is a good choice of braces color if you are brown-skinned. Shades of green like Forest Green, Pine Green, and Olive Green can be a good-to-go option. Just ask your orthodontist about your choice of green color, and then you can select from the available options.

Other Shades Of Green Color

Green Braces Colors 1

There are various shades of green available in the market. From light greens (pastels) to very dark ones like crocodile green. Let’s explore some universal shades of green braces that all age groups enjoy.

Neon green braces color 

Neon green is a funky fun color that looks mesmerizing and portrays a creative and entertaining personality. Neon colors are in these days. From younger age groups to elders, it is a choice for everyone. 

But if you are introverted and don’t like to draw attention to your mouth, you should go with something subtle and neutral.

Emerald Green 

This jewel color looks gorgeous. Especially if you are dark-skinned. Emerald green comes in the dark green category derived from the stone emerald. This gorgeous color is my personal favorite and looks stunning on teeth.

Leafy Green Braces Color

The color of the leaf is a soothing shade of green. It has the calmness factor, which gives the feeling of subtleness. Leafy green braces look amazing but sometimes give a glance that something is stuck between your teeth.

If you have shiny white bright teeth you can go for leafy green. But if your teeth are on a pale tinted side, it will look like there are fungi on your teeth.

Hunter Green 

Hunter green is a mixture of charcoal grey and green. This color is very near to army green. Hunter green braces will be rare to find as it is a unique color. Go to your orthodontist and ask for this color if it is available.

Green braces bands

Now that you know about green braces, let’s see how green ligatures and brace bands will turn out. White and green is an amazing color combo. If you have clear braces you can go for green bands. 

Besides this, I am mentioning some braces colors here that accompany green ligatures very well.

  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Neon pink
  5. purple

Alternative Nature Colors: like green braces color 

Besides the green braces, you can also choose other colors of nature, such as sky blue, sea blue, brown, and cloudy white. As nature attracts automatically, the color of nature looks attractive too.

Final Verdict

The green color is also associated with money. It is the color of the US dollar. It also represents growth, new beginnings, renewal, and abundance. It is a very down-to-earth color and portrays a harmonious personality.

Hope this article helps get all the shades of green braces and how they will appear on different skin tones. 


What is a good color for braces?

A good braces color is the one that suits your style. The color that gives a glow to your skin tone and makes you confident is your best color. Color enhances facial features. The colors that enhance your features and make your smile pop is the one for you.

What color braces don’t fade?

Lavender is a color that doesn’t fade easily. If you want a durable option that lasts long and do not want the hassle of changing it, often go for Lavender braces.

What color braces are most attractive?

All dark colors and jewel tones are the most attractive colors of braces. Dark colors cater to all skin tones. If you want to go for the safest options go for dark colors.

Jamal Hussain

Jamal Hussain

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